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Agile Business Operations introduced itself in 1996 as Legato’s Things & Stuff –one of the first “Virtual Administration” service providers in the San Jose area.

We specialize in small business office operations using several SaaS solutions including:
Microsoft® Sharepoint
SAP Business ByDesign™
Wave Accounting©

Client Testimonials

“Quickly & painlessly put issues to rest.”

“A problem preventor as well as a problem solver.”

“Creative insights…great job managing our system integration.”

“Agile Business Operations has expertise at optimizing operations …They take initiative and seek out creative solutions to complex organizational and IT processes.”

“I attribute my ability to support company growth directly to Gina.  She is always responsive, thoughtful, creative and an excellent communicator.  Her technical experience enables her to be consistently proactive in clearing the countless hurdles that can and do arise in supporting the market.  Most of all, Gina’s ever-positive outlook never fails to turn a problem into an opportunity.  Gina embodies all of the qualities that I would consider essential to the modern professional.  I have selfishly come to think of her as a mission-critical member of the team here.  Simply, she is the best there is.”

“Agile Business Operations gracefully supported me, my customers, and my team through a hectic start-up phase … They have a breadth of experience, creativity, and wisdom to support a broad range of requests.”

“Agile Business Operations works as a true partner in every project.”

“Handles all of my headaches.”